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Canege  is a leader in premium

Edgebanding  for the woodworking industry in China

Company culture
"Close to our customers throughout Middle East, Russia and South America"
Since 2010, Canege has been going the distance to give you the edge.

Providing our customers with quality products and service beyond their expectations has been our driving force since we first opened our doors. It’s the reason we are constantly looking for ways to improve our business. It’s why we continuously train our sales staff to help you trouble shoot issues in the field. It’s why we’re here – for you, our customer.


It is our company policy at Canege to constantly check in-coming raw materials to ensure that they are the quality as expected. We follow that up with a 5 step quality check on all manufactured material to ensure that it’s the quality you expect. From beginning to packing, the highest quality product is our goal.
At Canege, we realize that a high quality product is not enough. It must be coupled with exceptional customer service as well.  From reception of order until shipping, our staff has the know-how to get the answers you need, when you need them.

Working with our customers, Canege prides itself on innovations to the industry. One such product is our profile Edgebanding. We have numerous dies that give your edge a fluted look, without any additional processing. And some of these profiles can be printed for your own unique look.
Flexible 3mm Edgebanding is another example of answering the needs of the marketplace. This Edgebanding is designed for curved surface applications where the additional impact resistance of 3mm is required.
PMMA Edgebanding is the most recent introduction we offer. This clear acrylic Edgebanding is printed on the back for better scratch resistance while giving it a depth of appearance.