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Canege PVC Edgebanding is the finest, most consistent product available on the market today. Typical applications of PVC Edgebanding include residential and office furniture, institutional casegoods (laboratories, hospitals, medical offices, schools, etc.), store fixtures, kitchens, locker rooms and numerous others. Canege Edgebandings come in thicknesses of  0.4mm to 3 mm and widths ranging from 16mmto 120mm.

Special Features of PVC Edgebanding

Canege PVC Edgebands are extruded and fully solid-colored. Solid-coloring of the material enables clean and simple rounding of edges. The impact resistant formulation of Canege PVC material guarantees a long service life of milling and other cutting tools. Canege PVC Edgebands are coated on the back with a universal bonding agent for perfect adhesion, together with all suitable hot melt glues or solvent-based adhesives, to substrates.


The scope for application of Canege PVC Edgebands is virtually unlimited: from offices bathroom and kitchen, exhibition stands and shop fitting, in the home and up to general interior furnishing. The Canege PVC raw material formulation is particularly application friendly and, in addition to straight-line processing, also enables simple application to all curved furniture components, irrespective whether inside or outside radii are required.


PVC edge banding:

Canege premium quality PVC Edgebanding combines elegant appearance with the protection sought by furniture manufacturers. The Canege Edgebanding program includes  PVC, PVC environmental protection edge ,ABS, T-profile and Acrylic products.


Made from high quality thermoplastic resin, Canege PVC Edgebanding adds a smooth, finished look to shelves, cabinets, tables, partitions, paneling and other casegoods outperforming a host of other material in edge protection. PVC Edgebanding from Canege is ideal for all types of institutional, office and residential furniture, store fixtures, millwork and kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Canege solid color Edgebanding can be used in an unlimited range of applications. The computer-matched color throughout the thickness allows the Edgebanding to blend in an makes the joint between the Edgebanding and the laminate virtually invisible.


Canege uses only top grade polymers. All materials used are extensively tested prior to initial production using special test procedures that are based on the strict specifications and quality standards of the furniture industry. For this reason, Canege customers will always obtain their products from the very best materials available on the market.PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride)

PVC is one of the best known and most common thermoplastics. For more than 7 years PVC Edgebandings have been applied in the furniture industry very successfully due to their outstanding material and excellent processing characteristics.

Flexible Thick PVC

Canege has developed a flexible 3mm PVC Edgebanding formulation that is flexible to curve around tight corners. However at the same time its surface is hard enough to be scraped and trimmed easily at higher speeds on straight-line applications.

High glossy:

High gloss frequently is a component of today's mix of materials. It creates lightness but is not actually lightweight. It signals value, but only if it is not scratched. It looks expensive, which it unfortunately is. Canege high glossy products is a clever alternative to genuine glass. It has the visual advantage of glass, but not its disadvantages in terms of processing, transportation and use.

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